Wicked Jack\'s Rum Cake

Carefully crafted recipes derived from generations of Jamaican tradition has produced a rum cake so flavorful, so powerful, it has quickly gained a reputation as the best tasting rum cake available anywhere. A moist and buttery texture, paired with a rum-soaked glaze, adds a delicious detail that makes all other rum cakes walk the plank.

Choose Your Rum Cake:

  • Chocolate Rum Cake: For Chocolate lovers, this rich, deep chocolate cake is made with milk chocolate chips and soaked in the finest Jamaican rum.
  • Butter Rum Cake: Moist, buttery vanilla soaked in the finest Jamaican rum.
  • Red Velvet Rum Cake: Traditional red velvet cake topped with a delicious Jamaican Rum Glaze.

Each Cake has a 10" Diameter & Serves 10.


These rum cakes are soaked in the finest Jamaican Rum and then vacuum-packed to ensure that Wicked flavor keeps well. Shipped fresh in a stylish gift box, these cakes are great for hostess gifts, birthdays, holiday dinners, and even just because.